Elderberry Syrup Recipe

If you have never tried or heard of elderberry syrup, you’re not alone. Most people don’t hear much about it until they need it. Elderberries are these tiny bluish black or red berries that grow on an elder tree or shrub. They are PACKED with potent antioxidants, as well as, vitamins that help keep youContinue reading “Elderberry Syrup Recipe”

Hibiscus Rose Ice Tea

Lately I have been craving cold and delicious drinks. Something that is not as sweet as juice, that is healthy and not caffeinated. So I played around with some measurements and concocted the most delicious ice tea! I know how healthy hibiscus tea is, but sometimes it can be a little too tart for me,Continue reading “Hibiscus Rose Ice Tea”

Kale Smoothie with Pitaya that will Blow Your Mind!

Okay, okay, so maybe you think I am exaggerating; but let me tell you, I. AM.NOT exaggerating when I tell you this smoothie is so good it WILL blow your taste buds away! Although I had always wanted to be, I never really was a smoothie person. The perfectionist side of me would say thatContinue reading “Kale Smoothie with Pitaya that will Blow Your Mind!”