Hibiscus Rose Ice Tea

Lately I have been craving cold and delicious drinks. Something that is not as sweet as juice, that is healthy and not caffeinated. So I played around with some measurements and concocted the most delicious ice tea! I know how healthy hibiscus tea is, but sometimes it can be a little too tart for me,Continue reading “Hibiscus Rose Ice Tea”

Kale Smoothie with Pitaya that will Blow Your Mind!

Okay, okay, so maybe you think I am exaggerating; but let me tell you, I. AM.NOT exaggerating when I tell you this smoothie is so good it WILL blow your taste buds away! Although I had always wanted to be, I never really was a smoothie person. The perfectionist side of me would say thatContinue reading “Kale Smoothie with Pitaya that will Blow Your Mind!”