Strawberry Salad The Best You’ll Ever Eat!

There used to be a Nordstrom Cafe back when I was living near Silverlake in Los Angeles, CA. A tradition I now reminisce about all the time is when my mom and sister, and I would drop everything and go to that cafe and have lunch. It was a simple day, walking around smelling allContinue reading “Strawberry Salad The Best You’ll Ever Eat!”

Brussels Sprouts Salad

If you’re looking for a different way to enjoy Brussels sprouts, look no further! I love the traditional way of roasting them, but I also love eating them in a salad. Brussels sprouts are from the cabbage family and have ample amount of nutrients good for the body such as Vitamin K, Vitamin C, andContinue reading “Brussels Sprouts Salad”

Easy Tuna Sandwich Recipe

If you like tuna, and are hungry, you are going to lovee this east tuna sandwich recipe! If you need a quick bite to eat, and want to be satiated, make this mouthwatering tuna sandwich. I like to make this when I am really hungry, and don’t want to cook anything on the stove top,Continue reading “Easy Tuna Sandwich Recipe”