Rose Energy Balls

I can’t say I eat a lot of energy balls, I much rather prefer a homemade pastry, cake, or cookie, but that was before I decided to experiment with rose flavors. I’m slightly obsessed with rose, rose flavors, rose scents, and pretty much anything roses, so I knew I had to make a rose flavoredContinue reading “Rose Energy Balls”

Strawberry Salad The Best You’ll Ever Eat!

There used to be a Nordstrom Cafe back when I was living near Silverlake in Los Angeles, CA. A tradition I now reminisce about all the time is when my mom and sister, and I would drop everything and go to that cafe and have lunch. It was a simple day, walking around smelling allContinue reading “Strawberry Salad The Best You’ll Ever Eat!”

Brussels Sprouts Salad

If you’re looking for a different way to enjoy Brussels sprouts, look no further! I love the traditional way of roasting them, but I also love eating them in a salad. Brussels sprouts are from the cabbage family and have ample amount of nutrients good for the body such as Vitamin K, Vitamin C, andContinue reading “Brussels Sprouts Salad”

Broccoli Pizza Sbarro Copycat Recipe

Nothing can compare to homemade pizza! Fresh dough, clean ingredients, as much cheese as you desire, and all straight fresh out from the oven. I really enjoy making pizza, and that is why I had to recreate one of my favorite broccoli pizzas. I reminisce the sbarro pizza I used get from the mall duringContinue reading “Broccoli Pizza Sbarro Copycat Recipe”

Pasta with Ground Beef and Broccoli

Hello dearest readers! I hope everyone is doing well, and has had at least one reason to smile today. I come bearing the loveliest, simple, pasta recipe that I hope you will try and love. If your life is as busy as mine has been these past couple of years, then I think you willContinue reading “Pasta with Ground Beef and Broccoli”

Double Chocolate Banana Muffins

Recently I was craving something chocolatey, quick and easy to make. I am well aware of how many different types of banana recipes exist on the internet, but I didn’t want dessert where the banana was going to overpower every other flavor. In fact, if I barely tasted any banana, that would be okay too.Continue reading “Double Chocolate Banana Muffins”

Cabbage Salad Recipe You Will Love!

It is been a minute since my last post, but sometimes life just happens and I had to tend to that. What hasn’t and probably never will stop is delicious baking and cooking in my kitchen. If you follow my instagram page, you can get glimpses of what I eat or make, and if youContinue reading “Cabbage Salad Recipe You Will Love!”

Easy Grape Salad with Springs Greens

If you like salads, you’ve come to the right place! I have a beautiful salad recipe for you that you’re going to lovee! It’s simple, it’s crunchy, it’s flavorful, and it’s for my fellow fruit lovers. In fact, if you’re still buying pre-made balsamic dressing from the store, you won’t want to once you learnContinue reading “Easy Grape Salad with Springs Greens”

Caffeine Free Hibiscus Ice Tea

I have nothing against caffeine, my metabolism ;however, tells a different story. As much as I love my black teas, and lattes, and matcha, it does affect my sleep and sometimes my body is begging me to stop consuming so much caffeine. So I listened. I created the most delicious, refreshing ice tea, and itContinue reading “Caffeine Free Hibiscus Ice Tea”