Easy Quinoa Salad

So I’ve heard some people really like quinoa, others don’t like it at all, and the rest like it but never know what to do with it so they don’t make it as often. I hope this recipe gives the ones who want to do more with quinoa motivation to keep trying, and I hopeContinue reading “Easy Quinoa Salad”

Best Quesadilla Recipe

Do you like quick and easy simple meals? Do you like cheese? Sometimes all I want is a nice combination of bread with cheese, or in this case, a quesadilla. Quesadillas are the perfect quick lunch and I’ve made them countless times. You probably also have made them countless times. Have you tried experimenting withContinue reading “Best Quesadilla Recipe”

Avocado Toast

Whipping up delicious breakfast or lunch can’t get any easier that avocado toast. How do you make it? Have you tried it with a variety of flavors? I am happy to share my favorite way of enjoying a quick, healthy, light, but filling meal that requires no stove or oven. If you haven’t tried makingContinue reading “Avocado Toast”


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