Chocolate Chip Cookies

Raise your hand if you love chocolate chip cookies?!? I have a mild obsession with cookies, and being someone who isn’t crazy about ultra-processed foods, I opt to make my own. I have lost count how many different chocolate chip cookies I’ve made, but always found something was either missing or needed more fine tuning.Continue reading “Chocolate Chip Cookies”

Middle Eastern Butter Cookies

Butter cookies are found in so many regions and cultures. Most people have come across, eaten, seen, or heard about them at some point in their lives. I am going to share with you an Armenian version of the Khourabia/ Armenian Butter Cookies. What I love about butter cookies (Khourabia) is the numerous variations ofContinue reading “Middle Eastern Butter Cookies”

The Best Banana Bread Recipe

For me, banana bread has always been one of those things I make when I have too many bananas at home and they are about to get very ripe. Once in blue moon I would crave it, but if I am being honest, it’s never been that exciting for me to make. I really, really,Continue reading “The Best Banana Bread Recipe”

Best Banana Walnut Muffins

You have probably seen and tried numerous banana muffins, but you haven’t tried this one! Let’s talk about banana flavored dessert for a second. Most of the ones I have tried, or have tried to make , I wasn’t really a fan. Why? Because they have too many bananas and the bananas kind of justContinue reading “Best Banana Walnut Muffins”