Mom’s Meatball Soup

If you have ground meat, you MUST make this meatball soup! I grew up eating this soup and it always tasted so hearty, comforting and delicious! Soup is especially comforting when it’s nice and crispy-cold outside. My mom would make this soup for us and of course, when I got older, I wanted to makeContinue reading “Mom’s Meatball Soup”

Easy Shrimp Stir Fry

I love shrimp for so many reasons! I love the taste, how versatile it is in different recipes, and how quickly it cooks. It’s an excellent go to meal when you have little time, but want to eat something healthy. When I am able, I try to get wild-caught sustainable shrimp. I used to alwaysContinue reading “Easy Shrimp Stir Fry”

Tabule (Tabuli) Salad

The only tabule (tabuli) recipe you will ever need! Vegan and Vegetarian If you have tried tabule, and weren’t a fan, it is highly probably you didn’t try the best recipe. I grew up eating ALOT of tabule, and the only one I really liked was made by my mom. I would compare every singleContinue reading “Tabule (Tabuli) Salad”

Sheet Pan Roasted Chickpea, and Vegetable Salad

VEGAN I have been eating too many carbs lately and not feeling optimal, and that is how this chickpea/garbanzo bean salad was born! I know that sometimes meal prepping can be time consuming, and even intimidating at times. However you feel about it is okay! Feel what you have to feel, and when you areContinue reading “Sheet Pan Roasted Chickpea, and Vegetable Salad”

Best Banana Walnut Muffins

You have probably seen and tried numerous banana muffins, but you haven’t tried this one! Let’s talk about banana flavored dessert for a second. Most of the ones I have tried, or have tried to make , I wasn’t really a fan. Why? Because they have too many bananas and the bananas kind of justContinue reading “Best Banana Walnut Muffins”

BBQ Chicken Bowl

I absolutely love salads! If you are like me and love a good, filling, healthy salad, you’re going to fall head over heels with this salad! It is so satiating, you’ll be craving this bowl of deliciousness all the time! It has kale in it, personally I love kale so much, but I also likeContinue reading “BBQ Chicken Bowl”

Egg Salad Recipe

‘ Eggs, eggs, eggs! They are one of my favorite breakfast and lunch options to eat. I love experimenting with eggs and different flavors. They are so versatile, you can add an endless variety of spices, and greens and the result is fantastic! My favorite type of eggs are pasture raised. The secret to goodContinue reading “Egg Salad Recipe”

Easy Tuna Sandwich Recipe

If you like tuna, and are hungry, you are going to lovee this east tuna sandwich recipe! If you need a quick bite to eat, and want to be satiated, make this mouthwatering tuna sandwich. I like to make this when I am really hungry, and don’t want to cook anything on the stove top,Continue reading “Easy Tuna Sandwich Recipe”