Cabbage Salad Recipe You Will Love!

It is been a minute since my last post, but sometimes life just happens and I had to tend to that. What hasn’t and probably never will stop is delicious baking and cooking in my kitchen. If you follow my instagram page, you can get glimpses of what I eat or make, and if you are ever interested in recipes of food I share, know that I will be happy to share if you ask. If I don’t post them, that just means most if not all measurements were eyeballing so it didn’t feel right to share them without meticulous measuring and consistency.

When I finally did take the time to measure my cabbage salad, I had to write it down because it was too good to not share. Many times I feel soo guilty if I have cabbage in my fridge and it goes to waste. (That has happened more time than I’d like to admit) That actually breaks my heart because cabbage is so healthy, it really is a shame for it to go to waste. So if you have cabbage and don’t know what to do with it, you must try this recipe because it will knock your socks off!

This recipe does include dairy which is sour cream, which is what I personally prefer over mayonnaise since most store bought mayonnaise has some really nasty inflammatory seed oils. The ones that do have good ingredients don’t taste the same to me so I either make my own, or omit it completely and still come up with delicious creamy textures. *Side note, if you ever do want to use mayonnaise, I highly recommend making my mayonnaise from scratch recipe. It really is the only mayonnaise I really enjoy. Just don’t blame me for ruining store bought mayonnaise for you after trying this particular recipe. :)~

So grab a cutting board, and the very few ingredients you need for this recipe, and let’s make a salad!

Prep Time: 10 Minutes
Serves: 2-3Total Time: 10 Minutes

1/2 small cabbage (approximately 4 cups)
1/3 chopped cilantro (approximately half a bunch)
3/4 corn kernels (I use frozen)
3/4 sour cream
salt and pepper to taste
The most delicious cabbage salad with the simplest ingredients.


1. Finely chop cabbage and cilantro and add to a large bowl.
2. Add boiled hot water to frozen corn kernels and let it sit for 5 minutes to thaw. (Skip this step if using canned corn)
3. Add sour cream, thawed corn kernels, and salt and pepper to the cabbage mixture and mix until sour cream is well combined.
4. Serve immediately and enjoy!

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Hello and welcome to my site! My name is Rips and I am thrilled to share my passion with you! I am just a girl who loves to bake and cook. Itโ€™s one of my favorite things to do and is rewarding in so many ways! It teaches me to be present and helps me relieve stress. I grew up watching both my parents cook the most delicious food you could possibly imagine! Cooking healthy food for each other was something we did for the ones we cared about. Shortly after, I picked up on that habit. I come from a Mediterranean background and I bring that to a lot of my recipes with lots of modern adaptations. I have been baking and cooking for over 15 years and truly find the most joy in it! I also recently wrote and self published my first recipe book called Ripsy's Recipe's on Amazon (I will link below). Ripsy's Recipes has some amazing healthy recipes with gluten free and vegan options that everyone can enjoy. I really wanted to create an easy to follow, non intimidating healthy recipe book for you to love. It truly is my go-to for quick, healthy, easy, delicious meals! The best part of making food is I get to eat it and feed my loved ones. I am very mindful of the ingredients I use in my recipes; at the same time; I still like to indulge in dessert! My dessert recipes are lower in sugar than in any recipe or store bought dessert you will ever find (and they taste amazing). As a result, my family and I get to enjoy it without the guilt. My greatest joy comes from sharing what I make with the people I care about most, and now, you will have access to that too. I hope you try my recipes and love them as much as my family and I do! Namaste Friends!

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