The Best Homemade Hash Browns from Scratch!

When I was younger I used to love those already made hash browns from the grocery store. You know, the ones where you would just pop in the microwave for a couple of seconds, drench in ketchup and eat. I used to really love how it tasted, until I made homemade hash browns. That was the last time I bought pre-made hash browns!

Homemade hash browns take a bit more time than just popping them into the microwave, but once you have a taste, I think you will agree with me when I say, you will never look at any other hash browns the same way again! It took me a while to cook it correctly, and I made plenty of mistakes. However, I am excited to share a few tricks I learned along the way.

At this point you might be thinking I am crazy, store bought hash browns are good, why is she even wasting her time?! Well, aside from the delicious factor, one time I did read the ingredients in the store bought version, and oh my goodness, it’s a paragraph long! I was definitely not keen on all those preservatives and extra ingredients in there that really, reallyy didn’t need to be there! I won’t even get into how long those potatoes have been sitting in the freezer (who knows right?!) So, if you one day decide that you want hash browns without those extra ingredients, make these! Not only will you save money, you will also be putting a healthier option on your plate (and can pronounce all the ingredients that go in it).

One really important tip I would like to share is to not be afraid to use a generous amount of olive oil. Potatoes have a tendency to stick to the pan, and if you’re not careful, it could get pretty messy (I learned that the hard way!). The other tip I learned is we don’t need the extra juices that are naturally derived from the potato, so it is best to squeeze it out and discard it. I will explain my method, but you are more than welcome to use any method to get the moisture out from the grated potatoes. Lastly, you can use other type of potatoes such as golden potatoes; but personally, I like russet potatoes best because the final result has more of a crunch to it while golden gets a little too sticky and creamy. Don’t let the meticulous instructions intimidate you, it could even be a great weekend to make with your partners or friends! Just keep children away when cooking with hot oil. Don’t be afraid if they don’t come out perfect the first time either, mine sure didn’t! πŸ˜‰

Prep time: 10 minutesCook time: 10 -15 minutes
Serves: 2Total time: 25 minutes
4 medium russet potatoes (peeled)
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
1 tsp garlic powder
3+ tbsp extra virgin olive oil
*Optional 2 slices of havarti cheese broken in half, or your favorite cheese.
How they should look when you first begin. (Leave more space if you have a larger pan)
Havarti cheese goes really well this recipe!
Golden Brown Hash Browns

1. Wash, peel, and grate all the russet potatoes and place into a medium bowl. (I use a grater like this one)
(I then use the third largest size which is about the same size as shredded mozzarella cheese would be)
2. Add salt, black pepper, and garlic powder and stir until well combined.
3. On a large frying pan, add about 2 tbsp olive oil and turn heat on medium. (*Tip, you want a thin layer to cover the surface area of your entire pan, this will vary depending on your pan, so add 1 more tbsp if 2 is not enough.)

4. Grab a chunk (about 1/2 cup) of the grated potatoes with your hands and squeeze the excess juices onto another bowl (to discard later). Flatten the potatoes with the palms of your hands to make it look like a large patty.

5. Gently place onto a spatula, and then onto your pre-heated frying pan (be veryy careful here and protect your face and hands from any oils that may fly out, since the grated potatoes have moisture it may cause the hot oil to react and fly out). Once all your hash browns are placed in your pan, flatten them with your spatula. You can then place a cover like this one to protect yourself from any oil jumping out. (It can be a life savor!) Still take precautions though.

6. Repeat this step 3 more times, or until you run out of your grated potatoes. Place each hash brown side by side (*see picture) and let them cook about 4-5 minutes on each side (or until golden brown).
7. Once you flip your patties, place your favorite type of shredded or sliced cheese one minute before the hash browns will be done cooking and let it melt a little.
8. Remove from heat and place onto a plate lined with a paper towel (to remove any excess grease).

Keep on eye during the 4-5 minutes your hash browns are cooking on each side. After about 2 minutes, you can gently scrape the hash brown with a spatula (as if you’re going to flip it) and place it back down on the same side, just so it doesn’t stick. (I use this pan, so I have to follow this step).
If you’re using a nonstick pan, you could skip this step.

Another way to get the moisture out of the potatoes is to use a large cheesecloth like this one and place the all of the grated potatoes in there and squeeze the juices out.

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